Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Your home or office's indoor air quality is important. Controlling the common pollutants that impact your indoor air quality can help reduce the risk of both immediate and long term health problems.

So, we have compiled a list of indoor air quality monitors that you can use to make sure you are breathing quality air, and take action to improve it if you're not.

Airthings 4200 House Kit

This kit provides everything you'll need to test your home's VOCs, temperature, humidity, radon, and mold risk! This device is a great all-around option for keeping an eye on your indoor air quality.

Temtop M10 Air Quality Monitor

This IAQ monitors PM2.5, VOCs, formaldehyde, and shows an air quality index score. At a $90 price point, this little device is a great option for the home or office. There's also a fancier version that shows detailed reports.

Temtop LKC-1000S+ Air Quality Monitor

This 9-in-1 air quality monitor can just about do it all. Temperature, humidity, VOCs, formaldehyde, AQI, PM2.5 and PM10 are all recorded and displayed in an easy to read histogram. It's a great value at $160.

Airthings 292 Wave Mini

This device doesn't monitor your radon or mold risk, but it is a cheaper option for monitoring indoor air quality. Check you VOC levels, temperature and humidity from your phone and get alerts when something isn't right!

Temtop M10 & P20 Air Quality Monitor

This bundle includes the Temtop M10 and the P20 which monitors temperature, humidity and PM2.5. The P20 also includes an air comfort indicator and allows you to export your data sets.

KOPUO Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This indoor air quality monitor measures temperature, humidity, VOCs, PM2.5, PM10, and also CO2! This device is $120, but there is also a version that doesn't include a PM2.5 reading for $90.

Simbow Air Quality Monitor

Inexpensive ($65) and easy to use. The air quality testing device monitors formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, VOCs and shows an overall comfort level of the air you're breathing.

Corentium Radon Detector by Airthings

The most basic home radon testing device which shows a short-term and long-term average. According to the EPA, radon is the number one cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Huma-i (HI-150)

A great device for monitoring your home or offices air quality. This AQI monitor measures CO2, VOCs, PM2.5, PM10, as well as temperature and humidity. This is a great all around device at $150.

ThermoPro TP60S Digital Hygrometer

Basic. Simple. Easy to use. These are all ways to describe this digital remote hygrometer. Great for monitoring humidity in your crawlspace, basement, or anywhere else in your home. Only $20.


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